New York

Piero Dorazio

Recent Paintings

May 5 – August 26, 2004

Le Jazz de Bouffon, 2002
oil on canvas
79 x 166 in. (200 x 422 cm)

Rosa, Rosae,... Rosarum, 2002-2003
oil on canvas
79 x 166 in. (200 x 422 cm)

Valenciana, 2003
oil on canvas
79 x 166 in (200 x 422 cm)

Moeller Fine Art is pleased to present Piero Dorazio – Recent Paintings, an exhibition of thirteen works produced by the artist between 2001 and 2003, including seven monumental canvases. This is the fourth exhibition of Dorazio's work to be presented by Moeller Fine Art. Previous exhibitions have been devoted to Dorazio's paintings from the 1950s (2000), and to his watercolors and drawings from 1945-1985 (1986) and from 1957-1962 (2002-2003). This will be the first exhibition solely dedicated to the artist's recent paintings. An illustrated catalogue with an essay by Dore Ashton and an extensive chronology is being published and will be available on request.

"Almost everyone who has ever commented on Piero's painting has remarked its
luminosity and its range of color… There is not much that any one can say in
words about such phenomena. Only a painter can make a reality of the virtual."
- Dore Ashton

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